Carpet Maintenance Services

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Turn to Roberts Commercial Cleaning Services for expert carpet cleaning of your office, facility or home. We use state-of-the-art equipment to do the job right. Our professionals know how to make commercial carpets look like new again.

Services we provide:

  • Shampooing

  • Hot water extraction

  • Spot removal

  • Carpet maintenance programs

  • Corrective carpet cleaning to freshen and revitalize your commercial carpets.

  • Fast carpet drying so you are back and ready for business within a few hours.

  • Carpet spot removal and maintenance services that are scheduled regularly to service spills.

  • Heavy-traffic carpet cleaning and maintenance services that are scheduled frequently for hallways, reception areas, entryways and other areas commonly found in office, retail, hospitality and other business environments

  • And preventative floor maintenance cleaning services which result in faster, easier, more efficient and can lead to a lower business overhead over the long term than damage-control cleaning.


Prompt service:

We can respond to your cleaning needs anytime, day or night. Everything we do is oriented toward making sure your janitorial and cleaning needs are not just met, but exceeded.

Residential Pricing

  1. Carpet Cleaning per Room                       45.00

  2. Clean Carpet in any 2 Rooms                   90.00

  3. Clean Carpet in any 3 Rooms                  135.00

  4. Clean Carpet in any 4 Rooms                  180.00

  5. Clean Carpet in any 5 Rooms                  225.00

  6. Clean Carpet in any 6 Rooms                  270.00

  7. Carpet Protection                                  35.00

  8. Carpet Deodorization                             22.00

  9. Clean Carpeted Stairs                              4.00

  10. Clean Carpeted Landing                          14.00

  11. Small Stain Treatment                            39.00

  12. Large Stain Treatment                            64.00

Commercial Pricing

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